The Nolan Company, Management Consultants
Dennis Sullivan, Executive Director
Ben DiSylvester, Executive Director

Why Nolan?

Why Nolan?

For more than 45 years, The Nolan Company has partnered with leading companies in the insurance, healthcare and banking industries to provide strategy, operational and technology consulting services. What sets us apart is the hands-on experience of our consultants, all of whom have worked in senior leadership positions in the industries we serve. We work as trusted partners with our clients, and we value and respect the knowledge of internal teams while remaining focused on our client’s goals, not ours.

We are peer advisors to senior leaders adept at developing the strategy and implementing the solution. Our clients know us for the quality and sophistication of our work and you can be confident the solutions we provide will be practical and thorough, fact-based and actionable.

We are:

  • Collaborative. We often find the solution is already in the room – the challenge is your need for additional resources to align the collective experience of your organization and implement your vision.
  • Focused. Our intellectual property tools build upon your organizational expertise and translate your plans into action by focusing people, processes and technology on the path to success.
  • Adaptable. Our broad experience ensures we have the ability to adjust to unique situations along the way. We provide recommendations tailored to your situation – real solutions to real problems.
  • Effective. Our approach ensures internal ownership, commitment to change and knowledge transfer that contributes to your success long after our involvement ends.
  • Measurable. Working with you, we develop project-specific success measures that objectively demonstrate our impact.