Banking Consulting Expertise

The Nolan Company provides full service management consulting expertise to solve the complex and multi-dimensional challenges of today’s banking industry. Our experienced consultants apply their hands-on industry knowledge and Nolan’s unique tools and methods to achieve profitable growth for our clients effectively and efficiently.

We concentrate on achieving operating effectiveness in all core bank processes and functions, including:

Banking Functions: Bank Administrative Functions:
Commercial Lending Compliance
Consumer Lending Information Technology
Mortgage Lending Marketing
Wealth Management / Trust Human Resources
Treasury Management Administrative Services
Deposit New Business  
Loan Operations and Servicing  
Loan Collections and Recovery  
Deposit Operations and Servicing  
Branch Operations  
Contact Centers / Web Servicing / Mobile Banking  

Commercial Lending

Commercial lending is the most significant percentage of many banks' ongoing revenue source. With related challenges in the new business process, it is imperative to design policies and processes that support strategic delivery and are efficient and effective.  The Nolan Company understands the complexities and risks associated with originating, underwriting, servicing and monitoring commercial loans.  Our assistance helps you redesign and streamline these processes to reduce turnaround times, freeing up valuable time for you to develop new business while maintaining critical credit quality.

Consumer Lending

The rapidly changing competitive landscape for consumer lending is dependent on speed, efficiency and alignment with all delivery channels. In this environment it is imperative for banks and credit unions to adapt to customer expectations that mobility, convenience and ease in doing business is the new normal. The Nolan Company helps clients design processes from origination through loan operations, leveraging technology to support an efficient process and providing an effective customer experience.

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage acquisition and servicing processes are dynamic and constantly undergoing regulatory changes. The Nolan Company focuses on improving customer service and productivity by leveraging appropriate technologies, such as imaging and electronic workflow management to reduce process cycle times, and improve customer satisfaction through customer centric web software implementation.

Wealth Management / Trust

As the “high net worth” consumer population continues to grow, there is also a significant trend toward lower levels of client satisfaction and a shifting of asset allocation into safer products. Nolan helps you to capitalize on this dynamic target market by helping you to fully understand your customer needs and assist you to make significant improvements that ensure the customer experience and value proposition align with client expectations.

Treasury Management

Treasury Management services can be very labor intensive and, historically, result in a very thin margins. The Nolan Company has significant experience in evaluating Treasury Management products from the standpoint of process, brand positioning, and delivery costs.  We help you to have a full understanding of how the bank aligns pricing, product delivery, servicing and coordinated client communications to most effectively impact overall profitability.

Deposit New Business

The Nolan Company has the operational insights and knowledge to assist you in developing a streamlined process that meets regulatory requirements and the customer service needs of speed and efficiency. Our work centers on creating an organized process that allows your employees to focus on customer needs as they open new accounts and considers channel consistency in how the process extends to the web, the contact center, the branch and at a client location. 

Loan Operations and Servicing

Loan Operations areas have often been designed with the traditional “assembly line” concept in mind which can result in overlap, redundant handling, delays, and errors. Nolan works to integrate your processes and technology to create significantly fewer data entry points that result in cleaner, faster, and less costly loan processing.

Loan Collections and Recovery

The banking industry has seen a fundamental shift from a loan production environment to asset protection. In order to stay competitive, banks must rethink their collections and recovery processes from a knowledge, talent and structure point of view. Nolan’s comprehensive improvement approach involves aligning strategy with process design to realize a better collections result at a lower cost. We address the key capabilities that will help your bank to optimize performance today and be better prepared for future challenges.

Branch Operations

Retail customers have more ways than ever before to do their banking. As banks gain better understanding about these changing behaviors and adapt delivery to accommodate them, channel processes and management must be organized to enhance customer satisfaction at the right cost.  Nolan combines and balances the necessary strategic shifts with the operational needs of the bank’s current sales and services. We provide quantifiable insights that help to form successful strategies that deliver branch profitability today with a view to the long-term, positive financial impacts offered by customers changing habits. 


The current regulatory environment has resulted in an increase in the size and the operational impact of the compliance function. With a deep understanding of the requirements, Nolan seeks to avoid unnecessary steps to routine procedures and the addition of forms complicating transactions. We help you unravel the regulation from the routine operations to lessen the hidden cost of additional labor.

Information Technology

Making the right technology choices is critical with new demands for customer capabilities on the retail side and integration on the commercial side. The Nolan Company offers independent technology advisory and consulting services that help banks select, implement and optimize technology the right way. Our business-driven approach puts the emphasis on measurable business results versus just the technology itself, and we focus resources on the “desired state” in order to create the roadmap for getting there. Nolan is vendor-neutral, thus our recommendations are objective and focus solely on what’s best for our client, without regard to any particular system or vendor.


A bank’s investment in marketing is highly correlated to the size, business complexity and competitive environment that exist in the marketplace. Nolan considers the separate areas of marketing, including product advertising, brand campaigns, product development, community relations and public relations, in order to help you better utilize marketing expenditures for bottom-line effectiveness.   

Human Resources

Nolan helps banks fully understand the complexity and scope of the Human Resources function in order to identify which services and functions are providing the most value. We work closely with you to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of core HR functions in work force planning, recruiting and placement, organizational development / performance management, payroll, compensation, benefits administration, and training in order to achieve maximum value for the organization.    

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is an area often overlooked for efficiencies and effectiveness. When considered as a cost with other department categories, such as Audit, Investments, CEO and Corporate Staff, Facilities, Risk Management and others, Administrative Services can be viewed by larger banks looking to acquire as the cost of the purchase. Nolan works with you to drive these costs to the low end of the cost spectrum in order to minimize this risk.