Case Studies

Branch Analytics and Profitability Review

Client Profile

Midwest banking and financial services organization covering 15 counties with $6 bil+ in assets, 100+ branches, conducting business in Commercial Banking, Consumer Banking, Insurance, and Wealth Management product lines.

Customer Value, Relationship and Profitability

The Robert E. Nolan Company completed an assignment for a major U.S. financial institution to help develop a system-wide approach to developing and interpreting customer profitability information and implementing service, retention and cross-selling strategies.

Expanding a Call Center Devoted to Small Business

Imagine a call center that needs to triple the number of bank products it services within 90 days, as well as expand the number of calls it handles by a factor of 5 -- without sacrificing quality.

Improving the Deposit Acquisition Process

All retail banks strive to enhance the customer experience while reducing time and cost. This project demonstrates how major divisions within a bank can work together to accomplish change quickly while streamlining the processes that pave the way for the introduction of new technology.

Reducing the Efficiency Ratio

Trustmark National Bank, based in Jackson, Mississippi, was concerned about expense controls, capacity improvements and untapped revenue opportunities. Trustmark set a goal to reduce their efficiency ratio below the current 53% level. Bank management determined that a first step toward improvement was to participate in the Robert E.