Branch Viability Assessment

The Nolan Branch Analytics and Profitability Review begins with our expertly developed assessment framework, which addresses all of the criteria for evaluation. This framework enables our consultants to quickly and accurately gather relevant data — then synthesize the information into a cohesive dashboard that enables you to make fully informed decisions about which branches to close, which ones to modify, and in some cases, which new locations to cultivate.

The Nolan Approach

The Nolan Company approaches each engagement from a comprehensive perspective, focusing first on the overall health and profitability of your branch system. Then, we drill down to the individual branch level to reveal current and projected profitability issues or opportunities — providing key benchmarks to measure and enhance the efficiency and profitability of your branch operations.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan Branch Analytics and Profitability Review provides a level of analysis that goes far beyond basic profit and loss metrics, equipping your organization with:

  • A comprehensive analysis of branches’ current performance and profitability
  • Projections of future viability and profitability, based on these and other considerations:
    • Physical location, setup, and proximity to competing branches
    • Customer buying habits, traffic patterns, and demographics
    • Local market and economic conditions
    • Branch expenses and revenue
    • Customer growth and attrition trends
    • Staff training and knowledge
    • Customer service and satisfaction levels

Reap the Benefits

In order to make well-informed, effective management decisions, it’s important to start with a clear picture of the many variables that affect your individual branch operations. The Nolan Branch Analytics and Profitability Review brings these trends and conditions into view, then provides clear solutions to help you:

  • Improve individual and system-wide branch performance
  • Enhance bank efficiency ratios
  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Attract new customers

Branch Analytics and Profitablity Review offering sheet