Merger and Acquisition Integration

Our consultants draw upon decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions to ensure that the needs of your customers always come first. We’ve been in your position, and we have the tools and expertise to help you maximize customer retention during times of transition. Our clear, thorough methodologies offer actionable insights that lead to high-quality, cost-effective strategies for successful integration.

The Nolan Approach

The Nolan Company takes a disciplined approach to integration planning and implementation. We begin with an objective analysis of current operations within each bank, focusing on the people, processes, and technologies that each organization brings to the table. Next, we identify redundancies and recommend strategies to leverage the best attributes of each bank. We also develop systematic contingency plans for keeping customer satisfaction high even when errors or disruptions arise as a result of the integration process.

Key Deliverables

With every Nolan Merger and Acquisition Integration engagement, our consultants use proven methodologies to make informed value assessments and provide expert guidance regarding:

  • Customer impact — retention, acquisition opportunities
  • Markets — geography, segments
  • Products — product range, pricing
  • People — talent, staffing levels, organizational structure
  • Facilities — purpose, location
  • Business processes — sales, service, fulfillment, operations
  • Vendor relationships
  • Technology/systems
  • Integration timing
  • Competitor reactions

Reap the Benefits

When executed successfully, mergers and acquisitions enable banks to quickly and effectively grow their footprint and fuel profitability. The Nolan Merger and Acquisition Integration offering provides the critical insights and clearly defined processes that enable these organizations to:

  • Reduce operating expenses through cost synergy
  • Create a seamless transition for customers and staff
  • Enhance profitability through decreased unit costs
  • Maximize retention by understanding customer needs and proactively managing transition events

Merger and Aquisition Integration offering sheet