Service Quality Process

Using our proprietary Nolan Service Quality Process, Nolan consultants collaborate with your team to systematically measure all aspects of service quality. This proven framework provides key insights that enable Nolan consultants to quickly identify and address the areas of opportunity that carry the greatest value in the minds of your customers. The Nolan Company doesn’t just assess and advise — we delve much deeper into your organization to change the way you think about, manage, and engage with your customers at every touch point.

The Nolan Approach

The Nolan Company takes a tailored approach to each engagement. Our consultants work with you to integrate the necessary planning, training, redesign, measurement, and rewards that drive service quality. This continuous improvement model puts service quality and customer-centric innovation at the core of your operations.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan Service Quality Process provides a structured methodology to elevate your organization from a transaction-based business to a customer-driven operation. We deliver:

  • Objective assessments of the many factors affecting customer satisfaction and bottom-line performance
  • Redesigned processes and enhanced technology solutions to fully leverage your resources
  • Elimination or correction of zero-value and low-value activities
  • Expert guidance for rewarding and reinforcing positive change
  • A repeatable methodology for understanding and addressing customer needs as they evolve

Reap the Benefits

The Nolan Service Quality Process equips banks with relevant insights and proven processes to stay in step with changing customer preferences. By structuring the banking experience around the things that are most important to the customer, financial institutions can look forward to:

  • Reduced operational expenses due to enhanced accuracy and efficiency
  • Faster cycle times, driven by proactive process management
  • Solving problems on the spot using a “one and done” approach to customer service
  • Invaluable word-of-mouth marketing from delighted customers
  • Increased retention and growth

Service Quality Process offering sheet