Nolan Health Insurance Exchange Guidance Model

The Nolan HIX Guidance Model identifies the operational areas most likely to be affected by HIX, compares HIX requirements to your current capabilities, and considers the probability that certain requirements will change or evolve over time as the HIX model matures. This evaluation provides a relevant starting point for assessing your HIX readiness. Nolan’s proprietary model expedites the evaluation process by quickly revealing absent or underperforming activities that must be addressed to satisfy HIX mandates and deadlines. As a result of this targeted insight, your organization can efficiently prioritize your efforts and begin channeling resources toward the areas of greatest need.

The Nolan Approach

Regardless of where you are in your HIX implementation, Nolan utilizes custom tools and methods to identify specific changes that your organization must make in order to support a healthy HIX environment. In developing the Nolan HIX Guidance Model, we’ve identified the operational areas within MCOs that will be impacted by HIX. We then overlay the Nolan HIX Guidance Model onto your organization’s model to develop a customized plan of action based on your operational readiness, the likelihood that requirements will change, and mandated implementation dates. This analytical approach to evaluation and remediation enables your organization to confidently address critical gaps without spending time, money and effort prematurely on those areas that are still evolving.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan HIX Guidance Model establishes a basis for identifying gaps, setting priorities, and making investment decisions within your specific HIX environment— whether state or federal, public or private. Deliverables include:

  • A tailored HIX Payer Model identifying areas within your organization that are impacted by HIX
  • Our HIX 3D Assessment, which identifies organizational gaps, establishes priorities and manages risks
  • A Process Maturity Summary and remediation plan to bridge any process gaps and ensure they are at optimal levels to support HIX requirements
  • A customized HIX Roadmap that charts your organization’s plan of action

Reap the Benefits

The Nolan Company can help you efficiently navigate the challenges associated with the planning, implementation, and ongoing operation of your HIX program. Benefits of a Nolan engagement include:

  • Expediting HIX implementation to meet targeted deadlines
  • Reducing your financial exposure and risk through informed HIX guidance
  • Ensuring operational integrity as HIX requirements continue to evolve
  • Establishing benchmarks to measure post-implementation performance

Health Insurance Exchange Guidance Model offering sheet