Nolan Member Engagement Framework

Through years of experience and research, The Nolan Company has developed a Universal Member Engagement (UME) framework that addresses all three dimensions of a comprehensive member engagement model. The framework provides an inventory of the potential Support Points throughout the member engagement life cycle, links them to the appropriate Channels, and correlates the Support Points with Products and Services. Since the definition of “value” can vary from consumer to consumer, the framework helps plans separate value-based relationships by member type. Once the UME framework is applied to your organization and business lines, you’ll get a member engagement model that spells out the value-based relationships you want to share with your members.

The Nolan Approach

Nolan will meet your organization wherever it is in developing its member engagement program. Too often, businesses get bogged down trying to identify all of the possible tactics to support an engagement strategy. With such a “bottom-up” approach, insurers often fail to arrive at a model that covers services across the organization and throughout the member engagement life cycle. Nolan’s Universal Member Engagement (UME) framework helps you build a “top-down” model linked to your company’s market strategy. It identifies all of the tactics an organization might consider — even allowing for differences by product types. In short, the UME framework helps ensure the model solves for all of the relevant Support Points, Channels, and Products and Services. That means you can invest less in designing the member engagement model — and invest more in creating value-based relationships with your members.

The Nolan Perspective

In the past, many organizations have relied on CRM strategies to drive member engagement. The Nolan Company believes that won’t be enough. As the market shifts, health plans must create value at every point in the member engagement life cycle (Attract, Enroll, Support, Renew).
A fully-developed member engagement model has three dimensions:
  1. The potential SUPPORT POINTS that occur throughout the member engagement life cycle
  2. The CHANNELS that facilitate engagement
  3. The PRODUCTS AND SERVICES offered to the member

Reap the Benefits

As members become educated consumers, they’ll begin to define value for themselves. It means excellent customer experiences will be the baseline — and that advocacy and consistent experiences will become the new standard. That’s why Nolan has developed the Universal Member Engagement (UME) framework and methodology. It gives organizations the strategic vision and the tactical plan to create an exceptional member engagement model — one that will focus the organization and promote value-based relationships.

Nolan Universal Member Engagement Framework offering sheet