Nolan Practice Review 360: Managed Mail

The Nolan Practice Review 360 (NPR360) for Managed Mail reduces costs and compliance risks.

Mailings are a significant — but often overlooked — cost for health plans. In addition to regulatory mailings, mail is a preferred channel for many types of communications. In order to effectively manage plan costs, compliance, and member experience, it is important for health plans to manage their mailings effectively as well. Market and regulatory requirements for member and provider communications are increasing, which raises costs associated with mail. In addition, inappropriate handling of mail, e.g. sending PHI to the wrong address, can increase compliance risks. Unnecessary costs can easily exceed $2 PMPY for returned mail alone, especially in government sponsored programs that can have transient member populations.

The Nolan Practice Review 360 (NPR360) for Managed Mail includes three key practice areas focusing on reducing cost, compliance risk, and member and provider abrasion:

  • Manage Mail Avoidance: ensuring that all communications channels are appropriately utilized
  • Manage Mail Costs: utilizing postal programs and optimizing materials
  • Manage Returned Mail: actively working to reduce mailings to wrong addresses and effectively handling returned mail

The Nolan Practice Model for Managed Mail describes the practices that should be in place, including contract and regulatory requirements, controls and metrics.

The Nolan Approach

The Nolan Practice model for Managed Mail is applied to the health plan practices to determine which practices are in place and which need to be developed. In addition, our Process Maturity model is utilized to ensure that practices are well defined and managed so that they produce consistent results.

Nolan Practice Review 360: Managed Mail offering sheet