Nolan Practice Review 360: Managed Medicaid

The Nolan Practice Review 360: Managed Medicaid model was developed by a team of experts with decades of experience in the managed Medicaid environment. This proven model defines how an effective operation should function within the space, and it identifies the specific processes that must be in place in order to meet current and long-term objectives. Our proprietary model has already been used in multiple health plans to successfully drive benefits.

The Nolan Approach

Because our model clearly defines the essential activities for success in Managed Medicaid, we’re able to quickly and accurately identify:

  • Activities you should be performing, but aren’t
  • Broken processes that require remediation
  • Processes that have not yet achieved the appropriate level of maturity

By overlaying our Nolan Practice Review 360: Managed Medicaid and Process Maturity models onto your existing operations, we’ve streamlined the assessment process. Nolan brings key metrics into view — including data quality, process accuracy, cycle times, and controls — to identify opportunities for improvement. As a result, your organization can begin making critical enhancements sooner.

Key Deliverables

Once we’ve identified the challenges and opportunities specific to your organization, we provide you with an actionable plan for:

  • Implementing the activities necessary to close process gaps
  • Fixing broken processes
  • Bringing existing processes to appropriate levels of maturity

In addition, by using key metrics and controls, you will gain insights into your current and future operating environments.

Reap the Benefits

The Nolan Company delivers in-depth industry expertise and a comprehensive plan of action to bring your operations into alignment with your business goals. Specifically, we provide the insights and strategies you need to ensure that your organization is:

  • Being paid appropriately
  • Engaging members effectively
  • Complying with applicable regulations

Nolan Practice Review 360: Managed Medicaid offer sheet