Service Management

Driven by reform, rapid growth, rising cost pressures, new rules about member engagement, and changing government regulation, health plans are looking at new ways of doing business. Leaders need to know what it costs to provide services to internal consumers — and whether those groups are aligned on service levels and performance. It’s about definition, clarity, and access to data. With a new level of transparency, organizations can identify opportunities and take decisive actions to measurably impact performance. 

A Unique Approach

Like the Service Management framework itself, our approach to helping organizations create change is unique in the industry. We employ a top-down, iterative process that takes advantage of existing capabilities to unlock hidden value and capitalize on early successes — whether you’re focused on a single relationship within the organization, a department, or the entire enterprise.

Designed to Deliver

Service Management provides clarity in a wide range of situations. In addition, we’ve developed specific content that can serve as a starting point in defining your own unique service model. Whether you want more transparency into your shared service organization, better distribution of work across multiple service centers, or a clearer understanding of what’s driving costs in your product portfolio, you can choose components of the Service Management framework to quickly identify key issues and to drive solutions.

Key components of Service Management include:

  • Enterprise Catalog of Service (ECoS) Tool
  • Standard Service Definition
  • Standard Service Models
  • Standard Cost Models
  • Standard Cost Drivers
  • Compliance Modeler
  • Standard SLA / MSA Tools
  • Operational and Service Management Reporting Layouts
  • Operational and Service Management Reporting Data Definitions

Reap the Benefits

Health payers that employ Service Management will not only have critical data to support strategic decisions, but also a common language that helps all stakeholders define and understand the criteria for those decisions.

Service Management offering sheet