Insurance Consulting Expertise

The Nolan Company provides full service management consulting expertise to solve the complex and multi-dimensional challenges of today’s insurance industry. Our consultants use their hands-on industry experience and proprietary Nolan methodologies to design and implement strategic and operational programs for our clients.

We focus on core insurance functions including:

New Business Claims
Underwriting Distribution
Policy Services Contact Centers
Corporate Support  IT
General Management Consulting  

New Business   

Customer acquisition is a dynamic process that is evolving with new technologies, new social paradigms, and updated distribution models. Working with your staff and leveraging appropriate technology, we help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer acquisition process. Nolan will help you enhance cycle times, improve quality, and reduce expenses related to acquiring new customers.


Nolan understands the importance, and the challenge, of controlling loss and expense costs while maintaining a high level of service and quality. We combine comprehensive analysis of financial, operational and technology issues to gain clarity into opportunities for process redesign and technological innovation to reduce claim cycle time and expense, improve customer satisfaction, optimize the management of work in process and mitigate any backlogs.


Comprehensive risk assessment rests at the heart of profitability. We enhance underwriting effectiveness by first thoroughly understanding existing risk profiles and then collaboratively blending in the right new practices and technologies necessary to accelerate decisions. By balancing the integration of emerging technologies, new data sources and process enhancements our approach is focused on improving quality, consistency and competitiveness.


Distribution is at the forefront of challenges facing the insurance industry.  A shrinking sales force, an underserved middle market, and a younger generation of digitally demanding consumers have significantly intensified the demand for innovative distribution solutions.  By leveraging our extensive knowledge and proven methodologies, we help our clients successfully identify and correct costly channel inefficiencies, expand into new direct channels, embed revenue processes into operational centers and establish effective digital presences.

Policy Services

Increasingly, customer expectations for immediate turnaround, electronic communication, online service, 24/7 access and a low tolerance for error are challenging service operations. By working to address your ability to cost effectively keep pace, our approach delivers significant – and difficult to replicate - competitive advantage. We blend deep operational experience with our unique methodology to deliver these capabilities, whether triaging multi-departmental backlogs, integrating previously separate operations, preparing for a new systems implementation or designing optimized new processes.

Contact Centers

With a new generation of buyers driving a constant increase in service expectations, every customer contact represents an opportunity to build customer engagement, the gold standard for loyalty.  With Nolan’s extensive portfolio of methods and practices, we are able to help clients seamlessly achieve differentiating service whether consolidating centers, optimizing complex schedules, developing dashboards, integrating new technologies or identifying causal opportunities.

Corporate Support

We take a pragmatic approach to corporate support and shared-services functions – the alternatives and solutions must be tailored for each company based on size, organizational structure, and overall objectives.  Building on that foundation, we help you improve the service, quality and costs provided by information systems, human resources, financial reporting, actuarial services, purchasing, printing and supply, and other administrative areas that provide support to your core business functions.


The Nolan Company offers independent technology advisory and consulting services that help companies select, implement and optimize technology the right way. Our business-driven approach puts the emphasis on measurable business results versus just the technology itself. We actively involve your key business and technical staff in a participative process that focuses resources on the “desired state” and on the roadmap for getting there. Nolan is vendor-neutral, thus our recommendations are objective and focus solely on what’s best for our client, without regard to any particular system or vendor.