Business Analytics Maturity

Unlike other service providers, whose solutions revolve around a specialized software suite or large infrastructure investment, Nolan is focused on helping organizations leverage the investments they’ve already made in business analytics. Our proprietary Business Analytics Maturity model clearly outlines the operational practices and procedures that must be in place in order to operate as an analytics-based organization. These practices will enable your organization to quickly identify, prioritize, and implement capabilities that offer the greatest impact.

The Nolan Approach

No matter where you are in addressing your business analytics challenges, Nolan has the expertise, tools, and methods to help your organization maximize value at each stage of the analytics life cycle. Nolan consultants overlay our proven model onto your existing business and technology environment to enable quick and accurate identification of gaps. This gives your organization the direction you need to fully — and rapidly — bring your capabilities to optimal levels. The Nolan approach also examines data quality, process accuracy, cycle time, and controls to reveal specific opportunities to improve performance.

Key Deliverables

Based on where you are in the analytics life cycle, The Nolan Company takes both your short-term and long-term goals into account to recommend a specific course of action. A typical engagement delivers:

  • An Analytics Process Maturity Summary that identifies:
    • An implementation approach for addressing any activity or environmental component gaps
    • Remediation approaches for nonperforming processes
    • Required advancements to achieve appropriate levels of maturity
  • Recommended steps you can take today to derive value
  • A key metrics gap analysis and improvement plan to optimize your analytics investment

Nolan consultants work with you to focus efforts on those areas that deliver the greatest impact in the near term so that you may begin realizing value right away. Nolan addresses the tactical needs of today and the strategic directions for tomorrow.

Reap the Benefits

Nolan consultants draw upon years of industry expertise and the proven Business Analytics Maturity model to help you create an efficient, effective business analytics environment and enable your organization to:

  • Become an analytics-based organization
  • Realize a return on your analytics and infrastructure investment
  • Improve management of your business analytics environment
  • Understand how you compare with industry peers

Business Analytics Maturity offering sheet