Change Enablement

Unlike traditional change management solutions, which are geared toward a specific initiative, our proprietary Change Enablement model increases your capacity for change adoption across the board. No matter what may lie ahead, our pragmatic framework equips your organization with practices, systems, and tools to manage change on an ongoing basis — without the need to constantly reinvent and reinvest to accommodate future developments. And because our proven model has already defined the practices and procedures that support a change-enabled environment, Nolan clients can begin deriving value in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years that traditional change management programs may require.

The Nolan Approach

Our proprietary model clearly defines how Change Enablement should optimally function and operate, and it identifies the specific processes that must be in place in order to maintain effective change enablement capabilities. This level of clarity enables Nolan to quickly evaluate your current environment and accurately identify:

  • Activities you should be performing, but aren’t
  • Broken processes that require remediation
  • Processes that have not yet achieved the appropriate level of maturity
  • Regardless of the current state of your change enablement capabilities, Nolan has custom tools and methods to identify specific changes that your organization must make in order to support a healthy change-enabled environment.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan Company works closely with your organization to outline comprehensive strategies for managing change in your present and future environments. Whether there are process gaps to be filled or subtle refinements to be made, our consultants provide a clear course of action for:

  • Change Governance — defining a process that accurately converts change requirements into capabilities
  • Implementation Strategies — standardizing criteria for determining a strategy best suited for your environment and any given change program
  • Portfolio Management — establishing a centralized, systematic management of efforts and investments that support or produce business capabilities
  • Process Integrity — providing methods for understanding and improving the stability, extensibility, and performance of your current environment
  • Process Stewardship — defining the approach for creating and maintaining process documentation and for describing relationships between processes.

Reap the Benefits

The Nolan Company blends our proprietary practices with customized plans and interventions to enhance your capabilities while minimizing disruption. Working with Nolan enables your organization to establish a Change Enablement program that:

  • Facilitates quick implementation
  • Reduces resource requirements for future initiatives
  • Reduces costs by 5 to 10 percent through enhanced efficiencies
  • Reduces your risk profile

Change Enablement offering sheet