Customer Acquisition Assessment

Getting customers in today’s competitive market space is increasingly difficult. Pricing and product are important but they usually only level the playing field. Sales methodologies and selling programs improve your odds. Effective and efficient proc esses, capabilities, and functions can be the key to bringing it all together for significant and sustainable growth. The Nolan Customer Acquisition Assessment provides an objective and thorough review of these areas along with a roadmap for improvement.

The Nolan Approach

The Nolan Company takes a collaborative approach to each engagement, working closely with your staff to gather essential input and develop a customized improvement plan. Along the way, this approach also promotes acceptance and ownership for managers and front-line employees — an often-overlooked step that is vital to the success of any change initiative. Lastly, the use of process analysis techniques assures organizational alignment and confirms that business processes and technology needs are properly integrated.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan Customer Acquisition Assessment can be tailored to meet your needs — either as a comprehensive review of every area that touches your sales operations, or as a tightly-focused review of specific areas. In either case, Nolan equips your organization with:

  • An objective assessment of your current state with comparison to industry best practices
  • Recommended improvements to achieve optimal results
  • An implementation plan for incorporating those recommendations

Reap the Benefits

In order to manage your sales function most effectively, it’s important to start with a clear picture of the resources, processes, and technologies already in place. The Nolan Customer Acquisition Assessment brings these elements into view, then provides clear solutions to help you achieve:

  • An estimated 5–10 percent incremental growth of your top line
  • Improved sales-cycle time and producer productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency and customer service

Customer Acquisition Assessment offering sheet