Nolan Alternative Market Health Check

Improving Operational and Financial Performance in Captives, Risk Retention Groups, Pools, Reciprocals, and Corporate Self-Insured Programs

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Alternative Market Challenges

The ART or Alternative Risk Transfer market — Single Parent and Group Captives, Risk Retention Groups, Pools, Reciprocals and Corporate Self-Insured Programs — has unique challenges for owners, members, and reinsurance partners. Those challenges are typically cross functional, encompassing departments such as finance, investments, underwriting, policy administration, claims, loss control, distribution, and IT.

With increasing costs, reserve issues, increased collateralization requirements and low investment returns — every dollar counts toward the bottom line. The Nolan Alternative Market Health Check© provides a comprehensive review of all functional disciplines with a consolidated organizational analysis — providing an interrelationship overview of the organization, as well as providing strategic and tactical plans for improvement.

Proprietary Nolan Insights

The Nolan Alternative Market Health Check© goes beyond the scope of a segmented review such as an accounting audit, reinsurer review, claims audit, or a strategic business partner review. Nolan equips you with the insights you need to maximize your resources and overall results. For example, increased collateralization requirements caused by overly redundant claim reserves, or legacy technology causing process workarounds and increased expense.

The Nolan Approach

The Nolan Company takes a collaborative approach to each engagement, working in partnership with owners and strategic business partners to gather essential input and develop a customized improvement plan. The use of Nolan’s proven operational and process analysis techniques assures organizational alignment and confirms that operations, business processes, and technology needs are properly integrated.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan Alternative Market Health Check© is tailored to meet your specific situation and unique needs. It can be a comprehensive review of every area that touches your operation, or it can be a tightly focused review of specific operational or financial areas. In either case, Nolan will equip your organization with actionable deliverables including:

  • A detailed operational and financial analysis that identifies areas of risk and opportunity
  • Recommended improvements to achieve optimal results
  • An implementation plan for incorporating those recommendations
  • Illustration of operational and financial improvement — dollar savings in expense, loss, LAE, and investment strategy

Reap the Benefits

In order to manage your ART operations most effectively, it’s important to start with an objective picture of the structure, financial results, resources, processes, and technology already in place. The Nolan Alternative Market Health Check© brings these elements into view, and then provides clear solutions to help you achieve:

  • An estimated savings of 2-4 points off your combined ratio — in expense, loss, and LAE
  • Improvements in investment strategy to achieve optimum results
  • Enhanced efficiency and customer service

View the full Alternative Market Health Check offering here