Nolan CX Accelerator

Improved CX. Easy to Talk About  Hard to Deliver

Most insurers have a vision, with no shortage of activity and investments dedicated to improving customer experience. That said, activity does not equal results. The plans to get there are often not as clear and the results are questionable or vague. When results fall short of expectations, often it's a lack of alignment, not moving in the same direction, resource constraints, or conflicting priorities within the organization that stand as barriers. The fact is, capturing the value of improved customer experiences is more difficult and challenging with the complexity and speed of the competition out there today.

New Measures and Thinking Are Required to Deliver Impact  What is the Outcome We Hope to Achieve?

Albert Einstein once wrote on a blackboard, "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." When it comes to evaluating customer experience this couldn't be more true. Having the capabilities in place is simply not enough. Insurers need to think about what it is they're looking to improve — and how they will know that they have succeeded. The first step is identifying how you will know. In our experience this often leads to establishing new measures and designing tools to capture the new data. There are many moving parts and a many more dynamic business environments.

Key Deliverables

Nolan works with your team to customize and focus our approach and deliverables to take advantage of what is already completed, in flight, or key gaps including:

  • Customer Experience Maturity Assessment
  • VOC Data and Operational Reports
  • Functional Maturity Assessment
  • CX Technology Assessment
  • CX Heatmap
  • CX Sequenced Implementation Plan — Roadmap

Reap the Benefits

We meet clients where they are. If they have a strategy, we move forward. If they don't have a strategy, we back up and determine the direction and roadblocks. We're not one-size fits all / cookie cutter. Our experience makes a difference when it's in the context of a specific client. We start with where they're at today. How well do you really know your customers? Do you have a compelling value proposition? We start where you're already at. The key is to start with the current business challenges, objectives, what you have in place, and move forward with that and minimize re-work.

Nolan CX Accelerator Offering Sheet