Nolan Process Maturity

Unlike other industry-standard models, which require an extended time commitment and complex execution, Nolan’s Process Maturity Model is intuitive to administer. Its straightforward language and logical progression of maturity levels make it easy to understand the business value of each stage as it applies to your organization. The Nolan model can be deployed as part of ongoing operations, without the need to create a designated department or invest in additional infrastructure — making it a cost-effective way to continually align your capabilities with the demands of a changing industry.

The Nolan Approach

Process maturity is based on both qualitative and quantitative data. From the moment you identify the objectives and processes to be addressed, our consultants conduct interviews, make observations, review process documentation, and analyze key metrics and controls against key process maturity attributes. Then, we apply our considerable expertise to synthesize the information and outline the specific advancements that must be made to achieve desired maturity levels.

Your specific needs will drive the length of your assessment and remediation period; however, work can generally be completed in four to eight weeks.

Key Deliverables

The Nolan Company works within your existing process environment to help ensure operational integrity. We deliver:

  • A Process Maturity Summary that identifies:
    • Nonperforming processes and remediation approaches
    • Underperforming processes that are not producing the desired results — and recommended steps for advancement
  • An implementation plan to address the key points on the Process Maturity Summary
  • An intuitive toolset that your organization can administer on an ongoing basis

Reap the Benefits

Nolan’s Process Maturity Model is intuitive, easy to understand and administer, and allows you to quickly assess the integrity of your operating environment. We provide a structured methodology to assist in preparing for readiness reviews, market introductions, and internal and external due diligence efforts — which gives you a deeper understanding of how well your processes are constructed, executed, measured, and sustained. Our model delivers proven results, allowing your organization to:

  • Operate efficiently within the current environment
  • Ensure a stable base for adapting to change
  • Remediate broken, or nonperforming, processes
  • Advance underperforming processes

Process Maturity offering sheet