Service Management

Driven by a highly competitive market, regulatory pressure, and a growing need for innovation, insurers are changing how they do business.  To manage that change, leaders need to know what it costs to provide services to internal consumers — and whether the organization is aligned on service levels and performance.  Using this key information, leaders can identify opportunities and take decisive actions to measurably impact performance.

A Unique Approach

Like the Service Management framework itself, our approach to helping organizations create change is unique in the industry. We employ a top-down, iterative process that takes advantage of existing capabilities to unlock hidden value and capitalize on early successes — whether you’re focused on a single relationship within the organization, a department, or the entire enterprise.

Designed to Deliver

Service Management provides clarity in a wide range of situations. In addition, we’ve developed specific content that can serve as a starting point in defining your own unique service model. Whether you want more transparency into your shared service organization, better distribution of work across multiple service centers, or a clearer understanding of what’s driving costs in your product / service portfolio, you can choose components of the Service Management framework to quickly identify key issues and to drive solutions.

Key components of Service Management include:

  • Enterprise Catalog of Service (ECoS) Tool
  • Standard Service Definition
  • Standard Service Models
  • Standard Cost Models
  • Standard Cost Drivers
  • Compliance Modeler
  • Standard SLA / MSA Tools
  • Operational and Service Management ReportingLayouts
  • Operational and Service Management Reporting Data Definitions

Reap the Benefits

Insurers that employ Service Management will not only have critical data to support strategic decisions, but also a common language that helps all stakeholders define and understand the criteria for those decisions.

Service Management Offering Sheet