If it’s lonely at the top, perhaps it shouldn’t be.

Leading an organization in an ever-changing business world is never easy for those in the C-Suite. It seems that every time you think you have a solution to a new problem or a new social trend, something else changes and you are back at the drawing board, adjusting to yet another new variable.

The true role of a corporate leader is changing as well. Leadership today is about listening and observing what is happening in your business and in society. How you react and build your business plans requires a keen understanding of all the variables impacting your business. As leaders seek out new and innovative solutions and delivery systems to help grow the business, the days of having to be the smartest person in the room have passed. Leaders should be doing less problem-solving and more people development. By creating opportunities for people to experience new challenges, fail without being shut down and earn rewards for new ideas and new thinking that help the company grow, you build the next level of leaders within your organization.

As business has changed, so too have the employees who populate it. Today’s business world moves fast in a state of constant flux, brought on by everything from the rocketing pace of technological innovation to the impact of new legislation. Today’s employees want to be more than an extension of the leader - the best and brightest want to be acknowledged for their contributions and to have a hand in the direction of the company’s future. A leader who insists on making all the decisions may soon find the good people have gone to greener pastures and the only ones who remain are those who simply need a job.

Leadership is about developing the vision of the future, and then creating an environment that encourages the management team and employees to build the framework and the solutions to realize that vision. As a leader, if you stay involved with your employees and listen to their ideas, give them the support they need to create new solutions and recover from bad decisions, you’ll find yourself in a position of providing oversight to a skilled, enthusiastic group of people, rather than having to do everything yourself.

You won’t be lonely at the top. You’ll be in good company.